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Request for assistance from Gardai Thur 09th Jan



Stood down en route.
Pleasure craft 2 POB. Loss  of power. Sun 19th Jan


On arriving at the scene, the crew found that the occupiers of the pleasure craft were being assisted by local charter fishing boats. The Bundoran lifeboat crew then took the craft under tow to Mullaghmore harbour.


Missing person report Thur 20th Feb



Launched to search for reported missing person, conducted search of area, forced to RTB due to fading light and adverse weather conditions.
Request for assistance from Gardai Sat 08th March



Fishing vessel with engine failure Mon 9th June



Took vessel under tow to Ballyshannon Quay.
Pleasure craft run aground Sat 21st June



Small craft, 4 POB, no lifejackets, run aground. Refloated the craft and took it under tow to Bundoran along with the 4 occupants.
Divers in difficulty Sat 12 July


Diver recovered from the rocks after been taken from the water after surfacing in distress, medical assistance given by two paramedics on the lifeboat crew, transferred to awaiting ambulance and then to Rescue 118 for evacuation to hospital. Coast guard units also on scene providing assistance.


Group of people cut off by tide Thur 17th July



On scene Lifeboat crew recovered a group of six people to the boat that had been cut off by the tide. They were returned to the station, and did not require any further assistance. Rescue 118 also on scene.
Overturned vessel, persons reported missing. Fri 18th July



Stood down en route, persons found safe and well.
Jetski overturned, four persons in the water. Sat 02nd Aug



Upon arrival, the Lifeboat crew found that the family of four had made their way safely to shore. A member of the crew went ashore to ensure that the family were ok.
Crew Assemble Sun 03rd Aug


Persons in difficulty, Tullan Strand Wed 06th Aug


Family of four got into difficulty while swimming at Tullan strand, they managed to make their way to the rocks but were then stranded there. A member of the public who heard the family calling for help phoned 112 to alert the Coast Guard. On arrival the Lifeboat crew established visual contact and it became clear they were not reachable by Lifeboat.  Rescue 118 were requested, arrived on scene shortly afterwards and commenced winching the family into the helicopter. The helicopter crew then winched the family onto the beach where they were met by members of the RNLI Shore Crew.


Lost contact with sailing vessel Thur 07th Aug


A member of the public who had been watching the passage of the boat lost sight of it and became concerned for its safety. Search commenced by Lifeboat of large area assisted by Killybegs Coast Guard boat. Sailing vessel later confirmed as being safe and well moored in Sligo. False alarm with good intent.


Surfers in difficulty Sat 9th Aug


Arriving at Tullan Strand, three surfers were quickly located, one had been in difficulty and another two surfers had come to his aid. The lifeboat took all three on board and proceeded back to the lifeboat station. The casualty who had been rescued by the two other surfers, had taken on a lot of water and had oxygen administered to him on his return to the lifeboat station where a waiting ambulance transferred him to Sligo General Hospital for further observation.


Boat slipped anchor Sun 10th Aug


The boat had been spotted with nobody on board and had caused concern and the lifeboat launched to check it out. On reaching the scene the crew of the lifeboat found that another boat had commenced towing the anchored boat however the towing boat had fouled its prop and they themselves then required assistance to get back to the harbour. The lifeboat crew took the boat under tow and the four persons on board back to the harbour. The initial boat was also tied up.

Red flare sighted Sat 06th Sept


Reports of a red flare in the Donegal Bay Area, precise location unknown. Lifeboat launched along with Killybegs Coast Guard boat for search of the area. Further information revealed fireworks being let off near the coast at the time. Search continued until the coast guard were satisfied there were no vessels in distress. Both boats stood down after one hour.


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